Champions Wrestling Junkies, time to sign up for fall league!

The 2014-15 national membership year starts today.   You can purchase your membership card at starting today.   The national membership lasts until August 31 or 2015.   Make sure to register under Champions Wrestling Club.

Fall league starts tomorrow and will run until October 25th.   Go to to register for fall league competition with the state.

Fall league practice will be at my home gym.  1338 N 200 W in Mapleton.   You must have three things paid in order to come to practices at my home:  1) Full ($40) or High Performance ($100) membership USA card; 2) State Fall League registration paid ($85); and 3) Pay CW club fall league fee of $25.00.   So for the next two months you will need to come up with $150.00.

Practice for Kinder-4th grade will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 to 6:15 PM.   5th – 12th graders will practice from 6:30 to 7:45 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Make sure you pay for Fall Season.

Private Lessons

Dear Champions Wrestling members,

I will be posting the fall league practice schedule within a week or so and we will be starting this month.   in the mean time, those interested in private lessons you can please text me at 801-380-8828.   Athletes willing to give private lessons are:

Taylor LaMont, 2X world team member and 2X state champions at Maple Mountain High School.   Taylor recently won two Greco National titles, was runner up in Folkstyle and toik third in freestyle this year.

Brooks Robinson.   Brooks Robinson won six matches in Fargo and pinned his last four, including the finals to win a national championship in Greco Roman.   Brooks is a Pan American Champions and recently signed to wrestle for UVU.   Brooks received his LDS mission call to St. Louis Missouri and has 8 weeks left to teach private lessons before he is gone for two years.  If you want to learn how to throw, those two guys are the guys.

Hailey Cox is a national champion and a world team member this year.   She is a Utah State Champion and is going to debut her HS career this year at MMHS as a freshman.   She is interested in teaching girls wresters privately.

Tanner Cox is also a national champion and world team member last year.   Tanner will be a Jr at Maple Mountain HS this year and is a returning state champion.

Kimball Bastian is also a national champion and world team member.  He will be wrestling at UVU after a grey shirt year while his shoulder surgery heals.  The above wrestlers are all able to give private lessons for anyone from 6 to 16 years old.  Kimball is the only one with limited mobility but is still willing to work with kids.

It is not often than one small town would have five national champions and world team members who are all local, all willing to help give back to the sport and their club.   Please coordinate with me via text and I will help coordinate schedules.

Prices for private lessons:   90 minute sessions include 15 minutes of warm up, one hour of technique and or drilling and 15 minutes of hard conditioning.   Cost for one person who is the same size as the coach is $25.00 dollars per session.   Cost for one person with a free partner is $25.00 per session.   Cost for two people to work together is $25.00 for the two split evenly.   Cost for a group of 3 to 8 wrestlers together is $35.00 per session.   Wrestlers who want to work in groups need to put together their own groups.

All wrestlers interested in private lessons must have a full USA membership card.   Video review is also available as part of the session if desired.

June Wrestling Schedule

There are some of the best competitions all year coming up and a full schedule of practices.   Please note the following:

Practice will be changing to my private gym instead of the school.  Two more weeks of Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6:30 to 8:00 PM.   This week and next week.    Then we will be going to Pocatello and to Orem to finish off the year.  So we have four more practices left and all are invited.  (June 3,5,10,12)

For those who are wrestling at West Regionals and or Kids Nationals or are on any other state traveling team, there are also practices Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays all throughout the state that you can attend for free.   Check the schedule on

West Regionals is for all age divisions this year (even Junior).   Get registered ASAP on   The hotel block we reserved will be released this afternoon and then you will be on your own for a hotel.  Contact Diane at for that information today.

Kids nationals will be Monday through Wednesday June 23-25.   Please don’t miss this event.   It is the last year (7th) that Utah is hosting this national championship event.   For the first time ever you DO NOT have to wrestle at West Regional or State to compete at Nationals.   You just get online and register.   It is at UVU and I expect all my kids to be there.

West Regional Hotels

We have a large block of rooms reserved in Pocatello for West Regional.   Remember that Junior division can wrestle up there this year too.   We can only hold the block for one more week (till the 28th).   Please email Diane at or text her at 801-592-7230 to get more information and reserve your room.

The suites are $95 and the standard rooms are $85.  There is a family suite that  has 2 beds and a pull out with a fridge and microwave and a studio suite with a king bed and pull out with fridge and microwave.  The standard rooms have 2 queen beds.  I have requested fridges for them but they can’t guarantee that for us.

This is the best opportunity for great matches for all age groups of the year.   A week of wrestling with all three styles available.   Don’t hesitate to get registered.   Information on West Regional can be found on our state or national website.