Updates on Northern State

I am excited to coach this weekend at Northern State.   Our team is looking good.   Remember that registration closes at NOON on Thursday and that weigh ins are 5:30 on Thursday.   This weigh in is not like many others.   If your athlete does not come to weigh in, I cannot use past weights or add a weight without him or her actually stepping on the scale at the right time and place.   Mark your calendars.

Remember that there is Wrestle Till you Drop at Spanish Fork High tonight for PreK-6th graders at the regular times.

Remember that Mapleton Jr. High Pictures will be taken Thursday at 4:00 PM.   Bring your blue shirts please.   Club pictures for all 4-9th graders will also be taken on Thursday about 4:10 PM.   Please come in club attire if possible.

Remember no practice on Friday due to the 4-6th grade Northern State Tournament.

Remember to go watch UVU wrestle number 19 ranked Oregon State on Friday night at 7:00 PM at UVU Shurian Center.

January and February Schedule is finally done!

Champions Wrestling Club 2015 Winter Session 2 schedule for PreK-College.  For a downloadable word document version click here.

All PreK-3rd graders will be combined in their practices for session 2.   No extra fee if you paid for session 1.   If you didn’t do session 1, you need to register online and pay the regular fee.

All PreK-3rd graders will be referred to in this document as “kids” practice

All 4-6th graders will be referred to as Middle School.

All 7-9th graders will be referred to as Junior High.

There are 4 Wrestle Till You Drops for PreK-6th graders.   The times to show up are as follows:

Pre-K              5:30 to 6:00

Kindergarten 5:45-6:15

1st grade         6:00 6:30

2nd grade        6:15-6:45

3rd grade        6:30-7:00

4th grade         7:45-7:15

5th grade         7:00-7:30

6th grade         7:15-7:45


Mon 5th           -Jr. High practice 2:50-4:00 MJH,

-Club practice for MS/JH 4:00-5:30 MJH

Tue 6th            -Jr. High practice 2:50-4:00 MJH,

-NO CLUB OR MS OR KIDS practices this day.

-JH/HS All Star Dual at UVU.   $10.00 admission.   JH matches start at 5:00 HS matches start                      at 6:30.   I encourage every athlete on my team to go this night and learn.   These literally are the best wrestlers in the state from all divisions.

Wed 7th          -JH Dual meet. Mapleton at Diamond Fork. But leaves ten minutes before class is out.

-No MS practice.

-Kids practice at MJH from 5:45 to 7:00.

Thu 8th           -JH practice 2:50-4:00 MJH

-Club practice for MS/JH 4:00-5:30 MJH

-Kids practice 5:45-6:45 MJH

-Regisration Closes @ 4:00 PM for Coleman & Trevan Memorial @ Wasatch County Events Center.

-Weigh ins for Coleman & Trevan Memorial Tournament.

-Springville HS vs Maple Mountain HS @ Springville HS 7:00.   All City Recreation/Club/JH athletes get in FREE if they wear their team T-shirt!   Come support the HS teams!

Fri 9th              -JH practice 2:50-4:00 MJH

-Club/MS practice 4:00-5:00 MJH

-MMHS @ Uintah TOC

Sat 10th           -UVU Open.   College tournament all day at UVU.

-Coleman & Trevan Memorial Tournament @ Wasatch County Events Center.

-MMHS @ Unitah TOC

Mon 12th        -JH practice 2:50-4:00 MJH

-Club/MS practice 4:00-5:30 MJH

Tue 13th         -JH practice from 2:50-4:00 MJH

-Club/MS practice 4:00-5:30 MJH

-Kids practice 5:45 – 7:00 MJH

Wed 14th        -Mapleton JH Dual vs Spanish Fork JH @ Mapleton JH. Weigh in 2:30 wrestling starts at 3:30.

-Wrestle Till You Drop. PreK-6th grade.   5:30-8:00 as per schedule above. Mapleton Junior High.

Thu 15th         -JH practice 2:50-4:00 MJH

-Club/MS practice 4:00-5:30 MJH

-Kids practice 5:45-6:45

-Maple Mountain HS vs Salem Hills HS @ Maple Mountain. 7:00 PM. Free entry for all JH/City Rec/Club kids IF you wear your team T-shirt.

Fri 16th           -No school and no practice. Nebo Schools closed.

Sat 17th           -UVU vs Wyoming 7:00 PM

Mon 19th        -Martin Luther King day. No practice. Nebo schools closed.

Tue 20th         -JH practice 2:50-4:00 MJH

-Club/MS practice 4:00-5:30 MJH

-Kids practice 5:45-7:00

Wed 21st        -Wrestle till you drop for PreK-6th grade as per schedule above. Provo High School.

Thu 22nd         -Nebo District Championship Tournament.   All day at Mapleton Jr. High. 7-9th grade athletes will be excused from class.

-Kids practice 5:45-7:00

Fri 23rd           -UVU vs Air Force Academy 7:00 PM

-Weigh in for Beehive Brawl in Richfield for all divisions.

-U6 and U8 divisions start wrestling at 6:00 PM in Richfield.

-MMHS at Great Basin Grapple

Sat 24th           -U10, U12, U15 divisions start wrestling at 9:30 AM in Richfield.

-MMHS at Great Basin Grapple

Mon 26th        -Club 4th-9th grade practice starts at 3:00-5:30.

-Free Club/City Rec membership for all Springville and Diamond Fork JH wrestlers for two       weeks.

Tue 27th         -Club 4th-9th practice 3:00-5:30

-Kids practice 5:45-7:00

Wed 28th        -Club practice 7th-9th 3:00-5:00

-Wrestle Till You Drop at Spanish Fork High For Prek-6th grade as per schedule above

Thu 29th         -Club practice 3:00-5:30 MJH

-Kids practice 5:45-7:00 MJH

-Weigh ins for Northern State 5:30-6:00 MJH

Fri 30th           -Northern State for 1st graders through 6th graders at Alta HS

-UVU vs Oregon State 7:00 PM

Sat 31st           -Northern State for 7-9th graders at Alta HS.

-UVU vs Stanford 3:30 PM


Mon 2nd          -Club practice 3:00-5:30 MJH

Tue 3rd            -Club practice 3:00-5:30 MJH

-Kids practice 5:45-7:00 MJH

Wed 4th          -Club practice 3:00-5:00 MJH

-Wrestle Till You Drop at Salem Jr High for PreK-6th graders as per schedule above.

-MMHS at 4A Divisionals at Roy HS

Thu 5th           -MMHS at 4A Divisionals at Roy HS

-Club practice 3:00-5:30 MJH

-Kids practice 5:45-7:00 MJH

-Youth Super State weigh ins 5:30-6:00 MJH

Fri 6th              -Youth Super State at Legacy Events Center in Farmington.

Sat 7th             -Youth Super State at Legacy Events Center in Farmington.

-High School JV State at Legacy Events Center in Farmington.

Wed 11th        -High School 4A state championships at UCCU center at UVU.

Thu 12th         -High School 4A state championships at UCCU center at UVU.

Sat 14th           -UVU vs Northern Colorado 7:00 PM

Mon 16th        -Presidents day. No practice. Nebo schools closed.

Thu 19th         -4th-9th grade banquet at LaMont’s. Best dress athletes and parents only.

Sat 21st           -High School Super State at Corner Canyon HS

Mon 23rd        -Parent meeting and rules clinic for Spring wrestling 5:00-6:00

Caleb Williams Memorial Information

Dear Club Members,  Today is a big day:

1) You need to register for the tournament by 5:45 or the price goes up.  Registration closes completely at 7:45.

2) You must enter the discount code if you want the the ten dollar discount (paid club members only).  Get that code from your team head coach.

3) Just because you register does NOT mean that you will be entered.  YOU MUST WEIGH IN TOO.   Weigh ins will be at Mapleton Jr. High from 3:00 until 6:30 PM tonight only.   No weigh ins on Friday or Saturday.

4) No practice on Friday but all Jr. High athletes are expected to be there after school to load mats in the trailer and move them to MMHS.

5) Remember to double check the start times on the flyer (in my last post).  Division start times allow for wrestlers to compete in more than one age division if they want more experience or better competition.   (The discount code will work both times if you sign up for two divisions)

6) Try to wear your club T-shirt to the competition.  If you have paid and registered and have not picked up your T-shirt, you can do that tonight.

7) Remember that we have beginner brackets and girls only divisions so please do not think your wrestler is not good enough to compete yet.  All round robin brackets for beginners, girls, and up through 3rd grade get medals.

8) Champions Club Wrestle Offs for Clash Before Christmas Duals and South Summit Duals in December will take place Friday night at MMHS for all club members.  Weights start at 65 pounds and there is no mimimun age.  Go to www.wrestleutah.com for more details on weights.

Caleb Williams Memorial Sign Up Now!

Our Caleb Williams Memorial Wrestling Tournament is this weekend.  Sign Up Now!

The earlier we sign up the more kids from other communities will come.  We want 1000 kids!  To register click on the following link.


Paid Champions Wrestling Club Members have a coupon code.   Your coupon code can be obtained from your coach.   Any wrestler using the coupon code who is not a member of Champions Wrestling Club will not be allowed to compete in this tournament.

To see the updated flyer for this tournament click HERE

Athletes can register twice.  Once in their own division and once in the division one age group above them if they want to.   Also there are girls only divisions this year and girls can wrestle both the girls division and the boys division if they want to.