No practice tomorrow for either age division.   This is due to the annual member’s meeting at Rio Tinto Stadium.   Remember that if you want to be on my favorites list for a year, plan on coming to the meeting and enjoying a free meal.  Festivities start at 7:00 PM and make sure you check in as a voter for Champions Wrestling Club!   Regular practice will resume on Thursday.

Huge Events coming up for wrestling

Dear Club members,

We have three very important dates coming up quickly and I need (yes, I said need) you to all come if you can:

1) USA Wrestling Utah’s Annual General Members Meeting.   Next Tuesday September 23rd at Rio Tinto Stadium.  Real Salt Lake is hosting the free meal.   Starts at 7:00 PM sharp.   We will be voting on everything important for next year and our club has exactly 26 votes.   But by rule, we cannot use a vote unless we have a live body at the meeting.   It is my personal goal to have 26 adults at that meeting representing CWC.   This is a great date night.   Car pools can be arranged.   If you are ever wondering what you can do to support the club, this is a great thing to add to your list.

2) Champions Wrestling Club Summer Clinic by Head Coach Greg Williams of UVU.   Greg Williams has agreed to do a clinic on Wednesday October 1st.  This event will start at 4:30 and go until 7:00 PM.   This is for all members of Champions Wrestling Club 4 yr olds through seniors in high school.   The focus will be on escapes and defending from the bottom position.

3) USA Wrestling Utah’s Hall of Fame Banquet will be Saturday October 11th at the Ballroom at UVU.  This is a must attend event for wrestling enthusiast and all proceeds are donated to the UVU Wrestling program.

Along with those three events, I also have three reminders:

1) Winter Registration for Champions Wrestling Club/Mapleton City/Springville City and Mapleton and Springville Jr Jigh programs is coming up in October.   Online registration will be available soon.   I will prepare another post on registration soon.

2) Don’t wait to get your USA Wrestling membership card any time.   The membership system will be getting a huge upgrade on September 28-October 1.  So you won’t be able to buy cards on those few days.  But that short delay will be worth it.

3) Remember when you buy your USA Wrestling card, that you are a member of Champions Wrestling Club.   You must designate that as your club and not the city you live in or the school you go to.

Birthday Party and Fundraiser

Dear Champions Wrestling Club,  One of the companies I run is a Charity that helps kids in need with scholarships.   Its called Youth Champions Charity (yes, I chose this name because of my club).   It is five years old and our primary fund raiser each year is an art auction.   This year we have 300 pieces of local art donated from professionals or created by students from local high schools.   We have a live band, two bounce houses, awesome food catered by Dario, a real fire dancer, and other fun stuff.   If you want to purchase some art or donate to this cause, then you can come to this event for free.   It is also combined this year with our ten year anniversary of Telos Residential Treatment and Telos Academy.   Those are my primary companies.   Its the only legitimate excuse for missing practice this week.   Party goes from 7-9 PM Thursday night this week (Sept 11).  The address is 870 West Center in Orem.  For more information on this charity visit

Discounts and free shipping

Most of my club doesn’t know I own a sporting goods store in Orem called T3 Traithlon.   We sell asics wrestling shoes, socks, and head gear along with a lot of great running shoes from Altra, Saucony, Asics, Hoka, and Brooks.  Our wrestling and running gear is now online.

If you have a current registration with Champions Wrestling Club and a current USA Wrestling membership card, you can get 25% off anything in the store except bikes and you can get free shipping.   If you want the discount code, you need to email me at   I don’t want to publish the code so it won’t get used by non-club members. or 870 West Center in Orem.