This Week’s Schedule changes and announcements

Tuesday the 16th, Normal day.   Select challenge Matches for South Summit Duals.

Wednesday Mapleton JH has a bye week so we will replace Friday’s practice to Wednesday.   It will be a club/City Rec practice so get to practice as soon as possible as long as you are 4th grade and above.

Wednesday night there is No competition for 4th – 6th graders.   Mt. Nebo has cancelled and is NOT hosting.

Wednesday night there WILL BE PreK-3rd grade competition at Mapleton Jr. High, normal times (we will need Jr. High Officials).   I am also in need of many parent volunteers that night because I will be with the high school.

Thursday is weigh ins for all three tournaments.  Weigh ins start at 5:30.   Clash Before Christmas Duals, Freemont and Duchesne tournament weigh ins that night.

Friday there is NO PRACTICE!   Have a day off.

Clash Before Christmas lineup as follows:

65: Sage Mortimer

70 Jackson Metcalf

75: Lukus Carrillo

80: Hixon Canto

85: Cash Canto

90: Quenton Mortimer

95: Ryan Larsen

100: Heston Wood and Justin Evans

105: Chyler Zeeman

112: Cole Patterson

120: Zayden Rowley

130: Spencer Curtis & Josh Lee

140: Jacob Ward

155: Randall Gleave

180: Wade Bastian

265: Carson Kay

Caleb Williams Memorial Information

Dear Club Members,  Today is a big day:

1) You need to register for the tournament by 5:45 or the price goes up.  Registration closes completely at 7:45.

2) You must enter the discount code if you want the the ten dollar discount (paid club members only).  Get that code from your team head coach.

3) Just because you register does NOT mean that you will be entered.  YOU MUST WEIGH IN TOO.   Weigh ins will be at Mapleton Jr. High from 3:00 until 6:30 PM tonight only.   No weigh ins on Friday or Saturday.

4) No practice on Friday but all Jr. High athletes are expected to be there after school to load mats in the trailer and move them to MMHS.

5) Remember to double check the start times on the flyer (in my last post).  Division start times allow for wrestlers to compete in more than one age division if they want more experience or better competition.   (The discount code will work both times if you sign up for two divisions)

6) Try to wear your club T-shirt to the competition.  If you have paid and registered and have not picked up your T-shirt, you can do that tonight.

7) Remember that we have beginner brackets and girls only divisions so please do not think your wrestler is not good enough to compete yet.  All round robin brackets for beginners, girls, and up through 3rd grade get medals.

8) Champions Club Wrestle Offs for Clash Before Christmas Duals and South Summit Duals in December will take place Friday night at MMHS for all club members.  Weights start at 65 pounds and there is no mimimun age.  Go to for more details on weights.

Caleb Williams Memorial Sign Up Now!

Our Caleb Williams Memorial Wrestling Tournament is this weekend.  Sign Up Now!

The earlier we sign up the more kids from other communities will come.  We want 1000 kids!  To register click on the following link.

Paid Champions Wrestling Club Members have a coupon code.   Your coupon code can be obtained from your coach.   Any wrestler using the coupon code who is not a member of Champions Wrestling Club will not be allowed to compete in this tournament.

To see the updated flyer for this tournament click HERE

Athletes can register twice.  Once in their own division and once in the division one age group above them if they want to.   Also there are girls only divisions this year and girls can wrestle both the girls division and the boys division if they want to.


Taters & Spuds

Maple Mountain High School Wrestling is selling 50lb Boxes of Russet Potatoes for $20. If you are interested email Club President Diane LaMont at That is $0.40 a lb. they are currently on sale at Maceys for $0.69 a lb.