Last two weeks

Only two weeks left of the Spring Season.  Besides regular practice there are three events left this spring.  This Friday a Free clinic from a world champion, the Crusher tournament this weekend at Layton High, and then next weekend the state tournament for Greco and Freestyle at the Legacy Center.  I am making a plea to all those that have “burned out” and dropped off, all those that avoid weekend tournaments due to money, to all those high school kids who wanted to take a few months off, to our very small and very large guys who go to tournaments and only have one in their weight.  The state tournament is a big deal for our team and for the youth wrestler.  I would highly suggest planning on registering for this event in two weeks.  For those interested in Hotel stays for Friday night the next two weeks, I will make a post soon on what Hotel I will be staying at.

The clinic this Friday is about a $250.00 value and it is FREE for all USA members.  I know that it means two weeks in a row of missing school on Friday, but I think this clinic may be one of the highlights of your wrestler’s spring season.  Les is a friend of mine.  He was the world team coach the year the USA won the world championships, he is a 2X NCAA champion, he is a World Champion and Olympian.  He came last year and did a clinic for us and I am a huge fan.  The clinic will be Friday from 11:30 to 4:00 at Layton High School.  Then the Greco tournament is that night.  As a coach, I am a huge supporter of academic excellence, but this is one clinic that I suggest a dedicated wrestler miss class for.

Go to for direct links and flyer for the next two tournaments.  See you all at practice!

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