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Out of state travel this year

As of now, I will be coaching and taking athletes to the following events out of state in case those who want to save their dollars can do so effectively.  I have added approximate total costs assuming you are not working as an official.

Virginia Beach NHSCA National Finals $900.00 March 27-April 1 6th-12th graders

Jr. West Regioanals.  May 3-5.  Tucson AZ.  Greco and Free.  Grades 9-12.  Approximately $350.00

Fila Junior World team trials May 25, 26.  Colorado Springs.  Greco and Free.  Grades 10-12. Approximately $300.00

Fila Cadet National Championships and World Team Trials. Akron OH, May 30-June 2.  Greco, Free.  Grades 9-11 Approximately $650.00

Schoolboy National Duals.  June 6-10th.  Indianapolis Indiana.  Schoolboy only (grades 7-8).  Greco, Free.  Approximately $600.00

Western Jr. Duals. June 15,16.  Pocatello ID.  Grades 9-12.  Greco, Free.  Approximately $100.00

Kids/Cadet West Regional.  June 17-23.  Pocatello ID.  Grades 1st- 10th.   Greco, Free.  Approximately $100.00 not counting hotel/camping costs.

Cadet/Jr. National Finals.  July 13-21st.  Fargo ND.  Grades 9-12.  Greco, Free.  Approximately $1,100.00 including camp.

I will encourage other tournaments like Cadet and Jr. National Duals and many camps over the summer, but these are the tournaments that I personally will be coaching at.

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